An Expanding Horizon

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The three voyages promised to bring back the treasures to Spain. Spain rule's refused to give any more of there help. An 1506 he died an 1506 still had reached Asia and his time the geographic knowledge 1506. European ware to see if these comments to make them rich. Atlantic ocean become a bridge that connected Africa and American. England France =and other European countries also began to tell the ship to go Americas. Columbus never kept his promise to the Americas and the three voyages. The 4 voyages want to join the voyages but they didn't late join.

key terms

3 voyages- Columbus had 3 voyages and they want to north American

Columbus- Columbus never kept his promise so the people told the American to go American on the ship

4th voyage- want to be with the 3 voyage but they said no

1506 year Columbus died; he believed he had reached Asia

Europe - continent where France, Spain, and Portugal are located

Atlantic Ocean - body of water between Europe and North America

Spain - the country that gave Columbus the money to go on his voyages

England- want Columbus to be with them and bring the ship over there

France- Columbus want back to France and sent ships over to him

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