Annexation of Texas

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When the Annexation of Texas took place

The Annexation of Texas took place during 1845.

Present-day American states part of the Annexation of Texas

The eastern part of New Mexico and Texas and a thin part of western Colorado were part of the Annexation of Texas.

The President of the United States when the Annexation of Texas took place

James k. Polk was the president during annexation of Texas.
James K. Polk, 11th Presedent of the United States
James K. Polk, 11th Presedent of the United States

Additional important people related to the Annexation of Texas (at least 3!)

Stephen Austin
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna

Sam Houston

William Travis, Juan Seguin,

Important facts leading up to the Annexation of Texas

Texas's independence from Mexico which was got by a majority vote.

Explain why this event took place.

So Texas Could be part of the US, and they wanted there nation to be much bigger .

Why the states selected were part of teh Annexation of Texas

They believed that Texas was not occupied, and the believed that the US was destined to stretch across the continent from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.
So we could have more land to become a nation

How the addition of the land included in the Annexation of Texas changed America

When Texas was annexed it became another state where slaves were owned. This was a problem for northern states.

Shortly after Texas was annexed
, there was a war with Mexico.

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