Bloody Kansas

Bloody Kansas

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Was the Kansas Territory pro-slavery or anti-slavery? How did it get that way?

Kansas Territory 1861

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The Kansas Territory was more pro slavery than anti slavery. It go that way by Missourians coming to Kansas an voting illegally.

How did anti-slavery supporters react?

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Anti-slavery supporters boycotted the official government and created there own.

What was the Sack of Lawrence?

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Pro slavery mob attacked the town of Lawrence and destroyed offices and the house of the governor of anti slavery.

What was the Pottawatomie Massacre?

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The Pottawatomie Massacre was when anti-slavery supporters got revenge for the Sack of Lawrence by killing five people that were pro slavery.

Why was the territory called "Bleeding Kansas"?

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Because war broke out"civil war".

Bloody Kansas (pp464-5 of text)