Case # 3: State of Wisconsin v. Yoder

About the case:

This case involved 3 Amish men, and their children, Jonas Yoder and Wallace Miller, were both a part of the old order Amish religion. Adin Yutzy was a part of the Conservative Amish Mennonite Church. They were all prosecuted under the Wisconsin law that stated that all children needed to attend school until the age of 16. But this was however is against the religious beliefs of these families. This case was taking to court and presented in front of the Supreme Court. The Amish families won in the unanimous vote all for Yoder, Miller, and Yutzy. They now have the right to practice the freedom of religion according to the First Amendment. The Amish were prosecuted because, their religion was to not go to school. The states law is that all children must attend high school/public school until the 8th grade.


About there religious beliefs with schooling:

The Amish have there own schooling and education system, they usually only have about 25 to 35 pupils within one class room. They only need to learn the three R's while going to school, reading, writing, and religion. The Amish believed that education beyond the age of 14 exposed there children to modern values, that clashed with there beliefs and put there salvation at risk. It would take the kids away from there community physically and emotionally, during the crucial and formative adolescent period of life.
Within the the schools, the children are taught what they will need to know to continue there lives in the Amish society. After the children leave school, the boys will continue to learn work skills such as farming and carpentry, while the girls concentrate on practical domestic matters.

Picture of Yoder staring at the state of wisconsin.

These were the two opposing values:
If the children should finish high school, Or if the children should believe in there religion and not go to school.

This is important background we learned about the case:
It is required by the state of wisconsin to attend public school/high school until they finish the 8th grade.

These are a few vocabulary words that will help you understand the case:
Compulsory: Required by law or rule
Community: A group of people living in one place
Education: the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction
Parents: A father or mother
Church: A building used for christian worship

This is what the Court decided:

The U. S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Yoder in a 7 to 0 decision. They finalized there decision on May 15, 1972.
The evidence showed that respondents sincerely believed that high school attendance was contrary to the Amish religion and way of life and that they would endanger their own salvation and that of their children by complying with the law.