Case #5: Church of the Lukumi Babalu Aye v. Hialeah (1993)

Here's what this case was about:
If the Santeria could kill animals
for a religious reason, but the city didn't allow it.


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external image 32.jpg

These were the two opposing values:
One is the city of Florida. Which didn't want to have animal sacrifices in there church, because there where people in the town getting sick or kids running to animals on the street that have to been disposed properly!
The other one is the religion. They thought they can do anything as long as it has something to do with there reilgion (because freedom of reilgion) but they didnt know you have to reach your limits.

This is important background we learned about the case:
Important things include. The city, the religion, the 1st amendment, the court case, and what happen at the end.
Also the had something to do with freedom of religion because, if these people who moved to Florida wanted to practice there reilgion there then they should have been able to! but sometimes it all depends on how far they go to practice there reilgion. So when the religion and the court all went to court they had to descide how they can let these people (the santerias) work on there religious belife but the santerias also had to be aware of the other people around them. When then finnaly came to an agremment in the court every one was happy!!

These are a few vocabulary words that will help you understand the case:
freedom of religion!- The right to practice whatever religion
one chooses.
Santeria- A pantheistic Afro-Cuban religious cult developed
from the beliefs and custom of the Yoruba people incorporating some
elements of the catholic religion.

Zoning laws- Are regulated on government restrictions on how
particular they are.

This is what the Court decided : Decided on June, 1993, that to let
the people kill the animals for a religious reason.