The Compromise of 1850

Henry Clay introduces the Compromise of 1850
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Who was Henry Clay?

Henry Clay was a senator of Kentucky. He helped create Missouri Compromise in 1820. He also crafted a plan to settle the California problem was to make it a free state

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Who was Daniel Webster?

Daniel Webster was a senator from Massachusetts. He also supported the Compromise for the sake of the Union.
Daniel Webster

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Who was Stephen A. Douglas?

Stephen A. Douglas was one of the most powerful members of congress in mid 1800's.

Stephen A. Douglas

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What were the two main points of the Compromise of 1850?

One main point was for North:California would be a free state and slave trade would be abolished in Washington, D.C.

A second main point was for the South: Congress wouldn't pass slavery laws for the rest of the Missouri territory won from Mexico and congress would pass stronger law to help slaveholders recapture runaway slaves.

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