Crittenden Compromise

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Where was the South forming it's new government?

The south was forming its new government in the lower south in Montgomery, Alabama.

Montgmery, Alabama, where the south was forming its new government

Who was John J. Crittenden?

Jon Crittenden was the Senator of Kentucky
John J Crittenden

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What was the Crittenden Plan?

The Crittenden plan was the comprises to keep the South from breaking into the North

What happened in Abraham Lincoln's First Inaugural Address?

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What happened in the Abraham Lincoln's first Inaugural address was he argued passionately for the north and south to preserve the union. Lincoln said,
"We are not enemies,but friends. We must not be enemies.though passion may have strained,it must not break our bonds of affection.the mystic chords of memory,stretching from every battle-field and patriot grave,to every living heart and hearthstone"

What property did the US Government have in the south?

the property the government had in the south was the fort sumter in South Carolina.

Crittenden Compromise (p475 of text)