The Dred Scott Decision

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Who was Dred Scott?

Dred Scott was a slave in Missouri. His owner took to territories were slavery was illegal.

Dred Scott

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What was Dred Scott's "story"?

Dred Scott was a slave, that had been sent to Missouri by his master then he took him to live in territories were slavery was illegal. So Dred Scott said he was going to sue for his freedom after his owner death.

Who was Roger Taney?

Roger Taney was the chief justice that argued that congress could not ban slavery in territories.
Roger Taney

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What was the official name of the Dred Scott supreme court case?

What were the details of the case?

What effect did he Dred Scott Decision have on Congress?

The republicans charged that the democrats wanted to legalize slavery not only in u.s territories but also in all the states.

How did the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution fit in with the Dred Scott Decision?

The Fifth Amendment says you can't take away someone property. Slaves were considered property.

What was the role of the Republican Party?

The Republicans charged that the Democrats wanted to legalize slavery.

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